In Book Island’s latest title, Maia and What Matters, little Maia has a strong relationship with her grandma. They're both very impatient and love running around the garden together. Grandma has a big sweet tooth and passed on her love of sweets to her granddaughter. Maia's first word was 'cake'! One day Grandma has a stroke. She's forgotten how to eat cake and how to run around. All her words become muddled and Maia is the only one who understands what Grandma means. When Grandma gets better her first word is, you guessed it, 'cake'!

Inspired by this stunning picture book, and Maia’s inherited love of cake, we're now running a  Baking and Writing Competition for children 12 years and under in New Zealand. The inspiring Auckland-based baker and self-confessed lover of cakes Jordan Rondel, ‘The Caker’, and Greet Pauwelijn, Book Island's publisher, will judge the entries.


Conditions of entry

- Ask your grandparent(s) or a family friend for their favourite cake recipe and write down the history of the recipe (no more than 200 words please, so make sure to count your words!).

- Bake the cake together with your grandparent(s) or family friend and take photos during the process. You can also send us drawings of the cake instead of photographs.

- Send the photos or drawings, your written piece, the recipe and the entry form (to be downloaded here) by e-mail to  or post to Book Island, 49 Poplar Avenue, Raumati South 5032 before 11 January 2014.


Age categories:

Age category 5-8

Age category 9-12


Our judges:

1) Jordan Rondel, The Caker

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2) Greet Pauwelijn, Book Island’s publisher


Prizes to be won (2 prizes per age category):

1) Auckland-based participants will receive:

a) A beautiful cake designed by The Caker. The cake will have to be picked up from 'Eighthirty' at 553 Karangahape Road (the Ponsonby Rd end). Click here to see some of the amazing cakes that she's created. If you live too far away from the CBD, you will receive the prize for participants based outside of Auckland.

b) A Book Island voucher for your school. You can choose $100 worth of books from the Book Island website.


2) Participants based outside of Auckland will receive:

a) A Book Island voucher. You can choose $50 worth of books from the Book Island website.

b) A Book Island voucher for your school. You can choose $100 worth of books from the Book Island website.


By entering this competition, you agree to have your story, recipe, drawings, photos of your cake and photos of you and your grandparent(s) or family friend posted on our Facebook page and website.



Duration of the competition

11 November 2013 – 11 January 2014


Winners will be contacted by e-mail.




If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at